Shock Doctor Mouthguards

Shock Doctor is the market and technology leader in mouthguards. The company transformed and elevated the mouthguard industry by introducing innovative, shock absorbing, superior fitting self-custom mouthguards. 


Shock Doctor V3.0 Ultra Mouthguard. Power Ultra  provides ultimate protection, fit and lower jaw stability in a compact size for easier breathing and speaking.  

Gripfit technology  takes an exact impression of an athletes teeth, locking the mouth guard in place.

Sizes: Youth, Senior                                                                                                                   M.R.R.P:  £30.00  

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GEL MAX (V2.0)

The always reliable, never-fail Gel Max Mouthguard, striving to deliver all the essentials from protection to comfort. This multi-material mouthguard is easy to use and a universal fit for all ages.

Sizes: Youth, Senior                                                                                                             Colours: Black, Pink, Blue                                                                                                           M.R.R.P:  £16.00


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The Shock Doctor  V1.5 Gum Shield is a patented design which assists in preventing jaw fractures by acting as a cushion between the lower and upper jaw. Thus it absorbs and deflects the impact of force.

Youth / Junior = 10 Years old and younger.
Adult = 11 Years old and older.                                                                                                 M.R.R.P: £8.20 



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