The brand ARATAC was created by Chris Sutherland in 2013.

ARATAC is a new brand but has over 30 years of experience and expertise in the hockey manufacturing industry behind it. He spent most of these 30 years working in his own company  who were responsible for sales and development of Dita hockey products for the UK and Republic of Ireland. He has, however, parted company with the brand Dita and created ARATAC.

He has also had a highly successful playing and coaching hockey career, representing Scotland, Great Britain and was honoured by playing 11 times for the European select.

Fortunately for ARATAC many of the manufacturers that he dealt with for years are continuing to work with him to ensure that the quality of the ARATAC products are up to, and in some cases, already improved on. The research, development teams and product testers in the UK, Holland, Pakistan, India, China, Australia and North America are all keen to make sure that ARATAC offers a cutting edge on the development of top technical designs, innovative and attractive products throughout the range. 

In purchasing an ARATAC product feel confident that the product is working with you to provide the finest performance possible when it matters.

ARATAC will endeavor to offer a service to our customers that is second to none.